Saturday, February 11, 2012

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The Taxi…A Christian Romance from        

By Jenny Johnson
A self-absorbed newspaper reporter stumbles upon an imperiled stranger, a famous musician from a foreign country, who asks her to take on an unexpected family responsibility that will alter her emotionally isolated life forever.
Jannia Redmon is a self-absorbed newspaper reporter and aspiring novelist always on the lookout for promising plot ideas. She finds the sight of a taxi waiting at a McDonald’s intriguing and follows the battered vehicle, carrying unlikely fellow travelers, from the fast food restaurant into a world of international intrigue and great personal risk.
The results of Jannia’s pursuit of the taxi are a transformed perspective, significant spiritual growth and unexpected romance across cultural barriers. 
Jannia’s story, told from her own perspective, is an action filled spiritual passage and love story that is engaging in its romantic content and uplifting in its values. Her journey from emotional isolation and self-seeking to a place of sharing herself, her time and her love with others is one that both young and older Christ followers must make to find authentic fulfillment in a self-centered world.
The events of The Taxi are as timely as today’s international news. The characters, representing a range of ages, ethnic origins and motivations, mirror the complicated relationships in a post-modern society.
The Taxi is a contemporary Christian romance inspired by a real life visit to McDonald’s on a Sunday morning while on vacation where the author saw a taxi waiting outside the entrance to the restaurant. Who would take a taxi to a fast food restaurant? Why would they be traveling in a taxi? Curiosity about what the author observed led to the creation of Jannia Redmon, the main character of The Taxi.