Friday, April 26, 2019

You Can Leave Any Time You Like but You Can't Check In*

*(Read to the end to find out why)

Imagine it's the 1930's or maybe the 40's.You want to get out of the city, somewhere off the beaten path, somewhere with beautiful views, somewhere romantic. You check the train schedules for stops in rural Virginia. One place name intrigues you, Natural Bridge Station. 

This small but thriving spot located high above the James River has a busy train depot...and The Alhambra hotel, taking up the second, third and fourth floors of a stone building in the heart of the little village. 

This  hideaway has everything you are looking for in your time away. Arrange for your train ticket, make your hotel reservations, pack your valise and anticipate the peace and quiet.

the anticipation...
a few steps back in time
take a tour of your surroundings ...
so many rooms, so many choices
settle in a room that suits your style and budget
find something intriguing to read
maybe play a little tune, maybe "Moonlight Serenade"
turn on your fan to keep cool
hang up your clothes in the clothes press 
maybe take a long soak in the tub
in the bathroom down the hall
need a snack before dinner?
enjoy a cool breeze coming off of the river
store your valuables in the chest during your stay
sit for a chat with other guests
enjoy a leisurely evening meal
slight headache? maybe there is a potion in the medicine cabinet
another soak?
oh, like this room better?  no problem
what's up here?
on a very tight budget? you might like the fourth floor accommodations 
Haven't made up your mind yet?
You had better make your reservations quickly, because by the mid 1970's, Natural Bridge Station and The Alhambra will only be a shell of what they once were...and you can no longer make The Alhambra your home away from home...even for a night.

"For we are only of yesterday and know nothing, 
Because our days on earth are as a shadow."  (Job 8:9)

Thank you to the lovely transplant couple in NBS
who made these pictures possible.
My best.

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