Friday, September 10, 2021

Remembering 9-11

 At the Close of a Day in September

The beauty of the earth and its inhabitants

Grew exponentially

At the close of a day

In September.

After the horror was known

When the greatest fears were faced

While the silence was the strongest

As the smoke still rose

We stood.



We stood.

Less divided and unconquered.

The worst had happened.

The darkest hour had come




And yet, we stood.




Yet measurably

We turned toward what we had not lost.

The earth was beautiful beyond belief

And its peoples were our neighbors.

A guarded sigh was murmured.

Hands touched.

Eyes met.

Hearts mourned together

And together went forward.

The beauty of the earth and its inhabitants

Grew exponentially.        JJ

--- --- ---

My heart rejoices in the Lord;  ...
There is no one holy like the Lord;
There is no one besides you;
There is no rock like our God.

I Samuel 2: 1-2

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